Shivers: A New Breed of Terror

A short time after the death of Billy Lampford, the people of Ridgeland are slowly putting their lives back in order.
Now it's November, and almost time for the annual Turtle Festival. Thousands of people will be in attendance for the event, and that's what worries the Chief, because there's a new killer in town...and people are already beginning to die.
Matt Chapman begins to see that his friends are being picked off, one by one...and that's more than just coincidence. The pattern the killer follows is unsettling to Matt, and now his fear has turned to terror, as he realizes that the killer's next victim could very well be his wife.
Billy Lampford's murderous spree was more than the people of Jasper and Beaufort Counties could stomach in one summer, but it's nothing like this new bout with evil...and this new breed of terror.

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Autor Bozard, Kevin
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Verlag Authorhouse
Erscheinungsjahr 2003
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