Sikh Immigrant Students: Navigating Dual Cultures in Metropolitan New York

Clear, to the point and enhanced by a historical background to the Sikh religion, statistical information and a carefully stated methodology, Bindu Chawla's thesis is both unfailingly informative and encouragingly human.

Her purpose is to shed light on the processes Sikh students go through in American High Schools: their aims, their values, their search for independence and their bicultural dilemma in a country their parents regard as brimming with opportunities for them.

This she does through a series of tactfully designed interviews with students in the New York metropolitan area - male and female, single and in groups. As a Punjabi speaker, she easily gains the sympathy of - and our sympathy for - her interviewees.

Their expectations, sense of purpose and sense of self are all brought to light in a rewarding document that can only add to educational/sociological scholarship in this important area.

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