The Alabaster Garden

Tess is torn between her need to hold on to her childhood dreams and the demands of her surroundings to accept the responsibilities of adulthood. She is still suffering deeply from the loss of her mother, and feels alienated in her beliefs that no one truly cares. A fateful tragedy dramatically shatters her world and sends her on a journey in search of a new identity. This is the touching story of a young woman's struggle to overcome sorrow and depression, a tragedy that casts her into the depths of darkness and despair, her journey to find the meaning of life and the discovery that gave her life meaning. It is a story of the heart--an ageless tale of courage, friendship, community, commitment and the power of love.

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Artikelnummer 9781418449445
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Autor Njust, Russ
Sprache eng
Seitenangabe 332
Verlag Authorhouse
Erscheinungsjahr 2004
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