The Real Entrepreneur

Stop trying to do everything yourself.The Real Entrepreneur is for every business owner who wants to do more but feels that their business is taking over their life. It will help you build a business that works for you and enable you to become truly entrepreneurial in your outlook and approach. Packed with practical tools and techniques, you will learn how to avoid distraction, overwhelm and fire-fighting, and build a great team around you so that your business can thrive.The Real Entrepreneur will enable you to…• Look at your business in a new, more entrepreneurial, way• Find out how to scale your business without it consuming you• Learn how successful entrepreneurs build resilience• Uncover the secrets of forming and managing great teams• Discover what it means for you to get 'up and out' of your businessIf you want more consistency, structure and certainty in your business but don't know how to go about changing things, read this book.

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