The Way of Joy

From her 40 years as a chi kung practitioner and master teacher, Vicki Dello Joio has developed a profound and practical system for conscious living.

In this book, you will learn how Joy can fuel your life, guide every choice you make, and sustain you even in your most challenging times.

Vicki demonstrates how Joy is a life-force, a fuel we can draw from, allowing us to embrace life's complexities while expanding our capacity to achieve our full potential.

Inspired by Taoist philosophy, Vicki presents a world-view of three Laws, Principles, and Practices within the context of three realms: Heaven (Inspiration) Human (Intention) and Earth (Manifestation). The Practice chapters include Chi Kung forms with illustrations, meditations, and writing as well as self-observation exercises. Using vivid stories, each Law, Principle, and Practice is so clearly articulated and beautifully integrated that the book becomes a vibrant, multi-dimensional map for living.

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