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Understanding Commerce

In a world of over 7 billion people and several millions of wealth-creation centres, do we need a book on Commerce? Yes we do. This book is a simple, well-condensed and easy to follow manual for Commercial courses at Secondary, high school and even College levels. Among the many distinguishing features of the book from existing texts is its ability to equip the reader with a comprehensive understanding of business and commerce by integrating clearly constructed texts with end of chapter questions and proposed answers. The book is a preparatory guidebook to those who would want to pursue advanced commercial and business-related courses like Economics, Accounting, and Business Management among others. A quick glance at available texts on the subject matter of Commerce reveals that though a lot of work has been done of defining and giving general information on the subject, there is scant literature on more simplified, updated and timely books that are focused on Zimbabwean, African and even global markets.

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ISBN 9783330013285
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Autor Chekenya, Nixon / Dambaza, James
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