Vegan Breakfast Cookbook

Taking a more conscious approach to eating can only be considered a good thing. Not only does it impact the environment in a positive manner, but also takes a stand against cruel meat production processes.Not to mention adopting a vegan way of eating can also have a hugely positive impact on health and function. But it does have one associated downfall - namely the fact that it isn't always that easy to implement - particularly when it comes to breakfast.You see vegan lunches and dinners are easy. Its typically quite simple to replace meat-based products with tofu and lentils and your good to go.But breakfast is a different beast entirely.Trying to find plant-based alternatives to traditional breakfast foods can be a challenge - and ensuring that those alternatives actually provide you with adequate nutrients, well that's a different story completely.But don't worry, we've got your back.In this book you will learn: Protein-rich vegan breakfast recipes High quality lentil-based vegan breakfast recipes Delicious vegan alternatives to traditional breakfast foods How to create high-quality nutrient-rich vegan breakfasts So what are you waiting for? Open your eyes to a world of healthy vegan breakfast foods.

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