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¿Have fashion. Will travel.¿ That's the motto for Vogue Journeys, a celebration of the best and most beautiful fashion, lifestyle, and travel stories from around the world. Spanning the magazine's 125-year history, this incredible collection includes dispatches from journalistic icons as well as stunning editorials from legendary photographers. This book is filled with all the most important moments in travel and fashion history. Vogue Journeys is an essential addition to any Vogue lover's shelf--and is sure to inspire a sense of wanderlust in every reader.

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ISBN 9781419732713
Preis 89,00 CHF
Autor Vogue editors
Sprache eng
Seitenangabe 304
Verlag Abrams & Chronicle
Erscheinungsjahr 2018
Meldetext Noch nicht erschienen, Januar 2019
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