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Wake Forest University

Wake Forest College was founded in 1834 to train Baptist ministers. Now a nationally and internationally recognized university, it is renowned for both its graduate and undergraduate programs. Over 6, 000 students attend this university nestled within the beauty of the North Carolina Piedmont. The school's motto, pro humanitate, meaning "for the good of humanity, " reflects the university's emphasis on the importance of values, ideals, human service experiences, and faith in the educational process. Wake Forest University explores the founding of the college in 1834, its move to Winston-Salem in 1956, and its development into a modern university beginning in the 1960s. The enduring spirit of Wake Forest is celebrated in this memorable collection of more than 200 vintage photographs. Wake Forest University features many notable alumni that walked the campus pathways including Arnold Palmer, Tim Duncan, Brian Piccolo, W.D. Cash, and Al Hunt.

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ISBN 9780738515908
Preis 29,90 CHF
Autor Hearn III, Thomas K. / Capps, Gene T. / Christman, Chaplain Edgar D.
Sprache eng
Seitenangabe 128
Verlag Arcadia Pub (Sc)
Erscheinungsjahr 2004
Meldetext Folgt in ca. 15 Arbeitstagen
Einband Kartonierter Einband (Kt)
Reihe College History
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