Women of Purpose

The Women of Purpose Anthology is a collection of inspiring stories of professional women to encourage you to never give up on fulfilling your purpose in life. Each story will inspire you to reach for what appears to be impossible, and step out in faith and make your dreams a reality! TABLE OF CONTENTS:CHAPTER 1 Finding Her By Dr. Najah A. BartonCHAPTER 2 Keep on Living By Jazmine BlakeCHAPTER 3 The Inseparable Sustainer By Vanessa BrownCHAPTER 4 Girl, Breathe! By Veronica Clanton-HigginsCHAPTER 5 No Plan? No Problem! By Alexandria CunninghamCHAPTER 6 This Was It! By Nikeisha DarensburgCHAPTER 7 Finding the Strength By Benta DavisCHAPTER 8 Life in Words By Judy DavisCHAPTER 9 Overcoming Abuse By Chontae EdisonCHAPTER 10 Making a Statement for Love By Rashell EvansCHAPTER 11 Marathon Runner By Incredible FaithCHAPTER 12 A Leap from Fear toward Purpose By Nealy GihanCHAPTER 13 Getting My Love in Order By Dr. Sandra Hamilton (Hill)CHAPTER 14 Behind a Veil By Shanene HigginsCHAPTER 15 Go! By Tasha HustonCHAPTER 16 Redefining Your Purpose By Leona JohnsonCHAPTER 17 Nothing is Wasted By Nora MaciasCHAPTER 18 Girl, Me Too! By Leandra McLaurinCHAPTER 19 No Matter the Circumstances By Shirlyon McWhorterCHAPTER 20 A Heart That Forgives By Michele Mills CHAPTER 21 The Journey to Purpose By Dr. Ngozi M. ObiCHAPTER 22 Chasing A Dream By Beverly ReynoldsCHAPTER 23 The Meeting Place By Tiffany RichardsCHAPTER 24 She Chose Purpose By Jasmine Spratt-ClarkeCHAPTER 25 Her Freedom By Shaunic Stanford CHAPTER 26 Who Am I? By Quinn ThompsonCHAPTER 27 Flip the Page! By Emem WashingtonCHAPTER 28 Rebecca at the Well: Should She Water or Doppler The Dromedaries? By Dr. Michelle K. WatsonCHAPTER 29 Breaking Down Barriers By Dr. Pamela R. WigginsCHAPTER 30 Blossoming into my Purpose By Erin WilliamsCHAPTER 31 A Rose from the Concrete By Deborah Young

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